Art is Fair

Join us as the Art is Fair Exhibition makes a comeback, celebrating Bernard Chandran’s 30th Anniversary with a showcase dedicated to supporting local talent and global collaborations. Featuring captivating metal sculptures and interactive pieces by artist Ono Kang, this exhibition invites visitors to explore the power of creativity and innovation. Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and engaged at ArtisFair.

Dive into the enchanting world of sound and art with our upcoming music performance, “Frequency of Love” Join us as we challenge the boundaries of sound and explore its limitless potential with talented artists Peny Chan Yuen Khuan, 369 aka Jackson The,W8I aka Wei Kang Beh, Izzy, Jeth Leang and Ono Kang. From experimental vocalists to cross-domain entities, each artist brings a unique perspective to the sonic landscape. Don’t miss this transformative experience on April 26th at 6 PM, Level 3 Fahrenheit. See you there!